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What You Need to Know About Escorts in Australia

Filed in Escort | Posted by admin on November 21, 2023

What You Need to Know About Escorts in Australia

Although Hollywood portrayals have often given escorts a bad rap, most in reality they’re typically quite sweet and fun women. Most are well educated, articulate and great companions for dinner dates or work events – sometimes providing services beyond sexual services such as yoga classes, massages or even nipple manipulation!

Escorts Australia boasts around 20,000 escorts, the majority of whom are female. Many were born and bred here while others hail from overseas – particularly China where sex work is flourishing. There’s a range of types of sex workers from good-natured sweeties to more aggressive badasses with tattoos or serious sexual appeal.

Scarlet Alliance — an industry trade association for high-end escorts — suggests several methods by which people can identify an escort’s true identity. If an escort has a website, their “license number” or SWA number should appear prominently in the bottom left corner of its profile and should be ready to show proof of identification when requested.

Australian laws regarding sex work vary between states, with some being more liberal than others. New South Wales currently offers the most relaxed approach when it comes to commercial sex services (brothels, massage parlours and bondage and discipline BDSM homes) being allowed within view of dwellings, schools, hospitals or churches; Victoria recently amended their outdated laws so street-based work can now legally occur as long as it occurs at private locations.

Australia is generally considered a safe country, but it’s still important to use common sense and conduct your own research before meeting an escort. Reviews can often provide some useful clues – as will listening to your gut feeling!

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